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Wind Driven Roof Ventilators


A non-electric alternative to ventilation, these vents use the natural force of wind and air pressure to spin and vent out stale attic air. They do it with a series of specially shaped vanes that catch the wind and provide rotary motion. This pulls hot, humid air from the attic. Turbine vents provide a low-cost ventilation alternative in areas where wind speeds of at least 5 mph are typical.

    Salient Features:
  • No Electricity Required
  • Available in both internally and externally braced styles
  • Bush supported system assures long-lasting, quiet operation
  • Fibre base
  • Large flashing allows for easy installation
  • Aluminum construction in with stainless steel in 12-inch and 24-inch sizes

Effective ventilation is an important aspects of productive force, fresh air makes people feel more alive and vital, whilst stale hot air causes people to feel lethargic and disinterested. The movement of air over the body causes evaporation to occur which is the natural way of cooling down, thus preventing moderate heat stress. Wind Turbine Ventilator provides this much needed movement of air.

wind driven roof ventilators

With the help of our technologically advanced machinery, we are able to offer high quality Wind Driven Roof Ventilators that are demanded for various purposes. Offered ventilator provides fresh air and ensures a safe, cool and healthier environment by removing the entrapped heat, moisture and industrial pollutant particles. We make available these wind driven roof ventilators in several standard as well as in customized specifications according to client’s requirements.

Saurabh Polypies can provide you high quality Wind Driven Roof Ventilators in any quantity required at competitive prices with assurance of highest quality standards, on-time delivery backed by our strong market experience, goodwill, brand value & trust.